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The "Hello World" Contract

Version 1.0.0

English / 中文

  1. Sign in your account. If you don’t have an account yet, please refer to the document - SmartX Tutorial

Sign in

  1. Click “Create Project” button and then choose the programming language you like.
  2. Select the “Hello World” template and enter the smart contract name - MyHello.

hello world.png

  1. Click “OK” button to enter the edit page.

edit page

  1. Click “Compile” button to compile the code. You will get ABI file and AVM bytecode file after compilation.


  1. Click “Next” button, fill in the information and then click “Deploy” button;


  1. You will enter “Run” page and get contract hash from operation panel. For verification, you can input the contract hash into the blockchain browser to query whether the deployment is successful.

  2. Select a contract’s method, input the parameters, and click “Run” button. In the output area, you can get the detailed information.


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