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Overview of Ontology SDKs

Version 1.0.0


Ontology has developed a number of SDKs to help developers work with the Ontology Ecosystem across a range of languages. These SDKs include items such as encryption algorithms, RPC interaction and smart contract functions and are an important bridge for interaction between applications and the Ontology blockchain.

Ontology has developed a variety of SDKs, including:

In addition, several other SDKs are being developed, such as: C#, C++, Swift.

The common functions across the various SDKs are:

  • Wallet file management
  • Digital identity and verifable claim management
  • Digital assets
  • Smart contract deployment and invocation
  • Basic operation of blockchain nodes <p>


We encourage community developers to provide additional SDKs for different languages and Ontology will provide SDK design and testing standards to ensure quality.